Mission, Vision & Aims

Mission, Vision & Aims of GEMS World Academy - Abu Dhabi


GEMS World Academy's mission is to provide joyous and meaningful experiences while developing internationally minded students empowered to act both locally and globally in a diverse world.

Our program of inquiry is designed to educate each child to take a more positive world view while deepening understandings, skills and dispositions.

Our aim is to inspire responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship.


  • Our commitment to advocating, teaching and respecting a diverse student body from cultures throughout the world fosters an interconnected sense of local and global citizenship, justice, peace and understanding.
  • We believe that the diversity of our student body provides the foundation for creating involved global citizens in our rapidly changing world. We make the effort to celebrate similarities and appreciate our differences.
  • We explore, as much as possible, all the cultures that the world has to offer and at the same time not only investigate our differences but also realize our common oneness.
  • Our approach is guided by a respect for children’s individual differences, by recognizing their inherent capacity for growth and by planning inquiry based learning engagements and environments that shape learning and provide opportunities for success.
  • We recognize that each student learns differently. We provide a wide range of learning opportunities for our students and encourage them to be active participants in their personal educational plan.
  • Our students are encouraged to explore their interests and strengths and to develop their own distinct, individual personalities and to expand their perspectives.
  • Students have the opportunity to excel as individuals, while learning to work as members collaboratively as a team.
  • We believe that quality education is provided through building bridges of trust, communication and common goals between the home and school.


GEMS World Academy students will:

  • Grow and develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially into intelligent, interesting and compassionate people.
  • Discover and/or maintain an interest in and an eagerness for learning that permits each child to realize his/her full potential.
  • Achieve self-confidence and self-awareness, enabling them to: take ownership of their learning; adapt to new ideas and new situations; and respectfully advocate for their own needs.
  • Establish a firm foundation in the core curricula of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. 
  • Enrich their understanding of the world through classes such as Art, Music, Physical Education, Information & Communication Technology, Library, Arabic Culture, and Guidance.
  • Gain an understanding of global issues and realize their potential as agents of transformational change.
  • Develop and demonstrate the values and skills of effective citizenship and leadership.
  • Achieve intercultural understanding and skills enabling them to: engage diversity and develop deeper understandings; participate and lead in a variety of communities; bridge differences and appreciate others’ individuality and uniqueness.