Teaching Principles

Based on the ethos and principles of the International Baccalaureate Organization, we are implementing the Primary Years Program’s multi-disciplinary curricular framework.

Our program teaches children what it means to be a member of a multi-cultural society in an inter-connected world. This enables the child to realize the importance of the GEMS Core Values in accordance with their age and grade level.

Our students learn to recognize at a young age the importance of respect and for allowing others to be who they are while developing skills for their future world and while discovering their full potential as they become participants in their elementary education.

All students at all levels are taught through traditional subjects in collaboration with an emphasis on Units of Inq uiry which are trans-disciplinary. There are three terms in which we issue Progress Reports and 3-Way Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences are held at the conclusion of each.

Private Schools Policy & Guidance Manual (English Version)