Mission & Aims


Our mission is to provide joyous and meaningful experiences while developing internationally minded students empowered to act both locally and globally in a diverse world. 


Our programme of inquiry is designed to educate each child to take a more positive world view while deepening understandings, skills and dispositions.  

Our aim is to inspire responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship.

GEMS World Academy - Abu Dhabi aims to: 

  • be a joyous place of learning
  • provide a living, vibrant heart to our learning community
  • provide students with the essential understandings of self and the surrounding world as well as skills necessary for future success enjoyment
  • develop each individual to his/her own full potential
  • encourage personal, social, spiritual, emotional and moral development 
  • cater for the individual needs of all students
  • promote equal opportunities for students in every area of school life

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