Vision, Values & Aims

Vision Statement: GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi is a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive community that captivates hearts and minds, challenges and empowers learners, fosters collaboration and unity, and inspires authentic local and global action. We aspire to be the leading IB World School in the Middle East.

We are committed to creating a Culture of Dignity whereby all members feel safe, valued and included - a place where they belong.

We use student-friendly language to communicate our vision:

I matter and I belong.

You matter and you belong.

We matter and we belong.

We actively foster a climate that encourages all members of the WAA learning community to express: 

  • Openness – We treasure the diversity within the WAA community. We listen and seek to understand one another. We seek alternate perspectives when solving problems. We embrace change. We are creative, resourceful and innovative. We are disruptive thinkers.
  • Care – We respect ourselves, one another and the environment. We apply research-based principles of physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental health and wellness. We are thoughtful and intentional. We act responsibility, positively and constructively. 
  • Opportunity – We have high expectations of ourselves and one another. We do not settle for mediocre. Instead, we embrace challenge. We are inclusive, supportive. We are aware of potential barriers to learning. We check our biases. We see mistakes as an important part of learning.  
  • Empathy – We recognize that every individual has a unique story and that culture and experience can shape people. We believe people matter so we know and use people’s names. We listen to connect and understand.
  • Agency – We recognize that everyone is capable, competent and able to direct their own learning. We believe that choice, voice and ownership are central to learning and growing, reflecting a culture of dignity. 

We aim to be a joyous and inspiring place of learning where all members of the learning community experience:

  • Intercultural Understanding
  • Personal and Collective Achievement
  • Social and Environmental Stewardship



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