Admissions Overview

As a highly-regarded community school, places at GEMS World Academy, Abu Dhabi, are greatly sought after. We invite you to apply early for your child’s place.

Step-by-Step Admission Process

  1. Click here to make an enquiry or application via our school website.
  2. WAA Admissions will contact you within 24hrs. to make an appointment
  3. Following a successful Admission appointment, you will receive your conditional offer letter.
  4. Ensure all documentation is uploaded on your child’s SR application. The mandatory documents need to enroll a child include copy of child’s passport and most recent school / nursery report. Our Front of House Team will be very happy to guide and support you through this step.
  5. Our Government Relations Executive (ADEK representative) will ensure your child’s file and documentation is completed for ADEK approval.
  6. On the successful completion of the above steps, an official offer letter will be sent to you for your child.
  7. Complete payment via the online link included in your offer letter. Additionally, bank transfer payments or cheque are also accepted.
  8. Admissions will then send you information regarding your child’s first day of school.

For further information relating to admissions at GEMS World Academy, Abu Dhabi, please call us on 02 641 6333.

Documentation/Previous Schooling

All new students must provide official documentation of previous school experience, including transcripts, most recent report card and any standardized test scores. All documents provided must be in English and with school stamp WAA may request certification of translation from the Consulate of the country in which the student last attended to meet admission requirements.

Official Documentation/Transfer Certificate Requirements

Location Requirement for UAE Ministry of Education
Canada (except Quebec) North America Western Europe Australia
  • School stamp and signature required
GCC Countries
  • School stamp and signature required
  • Ministry of Education in the country of the previous school’s location
Middle East (except UAE and GCC Countries) South and Central America Asia former Russian States Eastern Europe Africa New Zealand
  • School stamp and signature required
  • Ministry of Education in the country of the previous school’s location
  • UAE Embassy in the country of the of the previous school’s location OR Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE
Another emirate of the UAE   School stamp and signature required. Ministry of Education of the Emirate
Abu Dhabi TC is not required.  

Inclusion Support

WAA strives to enroll Students of Determination with mild to moderate learning needs who are able to be successful in the regular classroom with a specialist assistance, subject to availability. In addition to the most recent school report, any individualized education plan and specialists’ reports must be submitted for review by our Inclusion Panel.

In some cases, the engagement of a Learning Support Assistant (at parents’ expense) may support the admission of a Student of Determination.

English Language Proficiency

In order for students to fully participate in the school’s instructional programs, students are required to have English language proficiency. Students may be admitted without such proficiency provided they satisfy all enrolment regulations and qualify for WAA’s ELL program, subject to availability of space.

Re-enrolment Process

In order to secure a student’s continued place at GEMS World Academy, Abu Dhabi for the following Academic Year, an online re-enrolment form must be completed via GEMS Parent Portal along with a paid re-enrolment deposit of 5% of the upcoming year’s fees by the end of March. This deposit is non-refundable should a student not take up the confirmed place in September, but is fully adjustable against the first term fees. The deposit may be paid online with a credit card, in person at the School accounts office or via bank wire transfer.

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