The U.A.E. Ministry of Education requires students to wear a school uniform each day.

Our  uniform provider is Threads, a company that has over 22 years of experience in supplying quality uniforms to the education, aviation, healthcare and hospitality sectors across Europe, North America, Africa and Australia. Threads currently supplies uniforms to over 75,000 students in the UAE and has just introduced its new premium line designed especially for our school.

The GEMS World Academy uniform is made of high quality fabric using natural fibers.

Please see the Uniform Guide on www.threadsme.com website to assist you in choosing the right combination of items and sizes for your child. 

Product Guarantee

All the uniforms have been quality tested for tear strength, color fastening and shrinking, among other things, by Intertek and SGS. These are two of the leading independent inspection agencies in the world who also test products for some of the leading international brands like Nike. With proper care, your uniforms should be durable. Nonetheless, if you find any issues, Threads are committed to a 14-days replacement policy, subject to terms and conditions.


Threads are also committed to improving the actual shopping experience for uniforms and wish to avoid at all times the potential issues of long queues or stock issues. To ensure this quality of service, Threads uniforms can be purchased in the following convenient places:

  • Ordering Online : Order from the comfort of your own home. Delivery will be made within one week of the order, subject to availability. Delivery is made by Aramex to your home address. Please visit Threads website at http://threadsme.com. 
  • Threads outlet: Threads is located in Capital Mall, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Mussaffah, Abu Dhabi.


  • Back Pack
  • Belt
  • Baseball Cap
  • Tie

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