School Cafeteria

At WAA we offer a hot meal service to students in all Years, this is at an extra cost to parents but not mandatory; parents may also send children with a packed lunch. 

GEMS World Academy is proud to partner with Slices, our school food provider. Slices is a home-grown real food company, aimed at transforming eating habits of the next generation across the UAE through providing fresh, wholesome and nutritious meals. 

In collaboration with Slices, GEMS World Academy is committed to ensuring that healthy and tasty meals are offered to our students. A cashless system is implemented in our Student Cafeteria.  Slices also offers the delivery of meals to EYFS and up to Year 2 classrooms so that the needs of our youngest students are met as well.

For any questions, please contact WAA Slices representative at WAA [email protected].

Technical issues can be processed through the Slices Support ticket page   

How to use the Cafeteria

Students in Years 3 - 10 can purchase and dine at School Cafeteria. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or using Student ID Card.

Students in EYFS to Year 2 do not have access to Cafeteria but can avail classroom delivery by ordering food online.

Please check out Cafeteria Section of Welcome Pack to find out more about:

  • How to top up student card?
  • How to order classroom delivery for KG-Grade 5 students

Food Choices and our nut-free Campus

Students' nutrition and academic/social success are very closely linked so parents are encouraged to send their student to school with healthy food options. As such, students should not bring carbonated drinks or candy to school.

We also request that foods with nuts and nut oils not be brought to school as we have several students with serious allergies that are life-threatening.

Parent Cafe

The Café, located in the main entrance lobby area, is intended for use by our adult community members as a place to purchase hot and cold drinks and a quick snack. The Café is open 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on school days. Students should not use the Café unless accompanied by an adult.