The Future of SEN Mobility

A talented team of four Year 7 students from GEMS World Academy (WAA) participated in the 2023 Repton Abu Dhabi Annual Digital Summit, which saw young innovators from across different schools showcase how the use of Artificial Intelligence can solve real-world problems.

Participating teams presented their solutions, ideas, and findings to a panel of expert judges, who were particularly impressed by the WAA team’s innovative concept, preparation, and presentation skills. They promptly awarded them the win!

The team’s idea addressed the 240 million children globally who live with a disability. Aware that many of these children feel excluded from activities such as riding a bicycle, the four WAA students – Ahmed Ziadi, Ana Sofia, Bokamoso Mogole, and Nada Fathima – decided to focus their efforts on creating an ‘AI-Bike’.

An autonomous bike programmed with AI, the AI-Bike includes a variety of innovative features, including an adaptive seat and handlebars, intelligent balance control, GPS tracking, an emergency alert system, customisable controls, and an augmented reality display.

Not only is the market opportunity for the AI-Bike substantial, but the invention also boasts numerous benefits for children of determination. These include helping to promote physical health, increasing self-esteem, boosting confidence, and improving social development.

The AI-Bike is currently focused on mobility, but the WAA team are eyeing further developments in the future. Additional concepts in the pipeline include ‘AI-Bike Vision’, ‘AI-Bike Hearing’, and ‘AI-Cognitive’.

Suffice to say that there’s no stopping these ambitious, confident students – and GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi will be supporting them all the way!