Our School

Open to children from FS1 to Year 8, we pride ourselves on fostering a warm and welcoming learning environment where all our students feel safe, happy and fulfilled.

With a passionate team of dedicated educators, we draw experience and expertise from across the globe, helping us to deliver a programme that meets the highest international standards.

GEMS World Academy – Abu Dhabi is so much more than the traditional concept of a school. We are a proud and supportive learning community with mutual respect and tolerance at our core. As well as being a thoroughly international family, we recognise and respect the importance of our host country’s language and culture, and actively promote these at all times.

Our premium IB and British dual curriculum offers a trailblazing ‘world of pathways’. We provide learners and their families with a hyper-personalised, future-proofed education – one that delivers high performance for all. Our students learn at an early age what it means to belong to a multicultural, diverse and inter-connected world. We cultivate a culture of kindness, teaching our students to respect each other and the environment, while encouraging them to re-use and recycle both at school and at home.

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